We offer a range of services aimed at improving opportunities for disabled people to contribute their skills in the workplace and let their talents shine.

We provide coaching, mentoring and other specialist support for disabled individuals across a whole range of impairments and work situations.

We also provide advice to employers on issues such as reasonable adjustments, absence management and return to work procedures.

Please click on the links for more detail about the range of services we offer to both disabled people and employers in the Bristol and South Gloucestershire region.

Heard about the Social Model of Disability?
This is an approach which is based on the view that it’s the way that society is structured, rather than a person’s impairment, that disables them.
For example, a visually impaired person is invited to a job interview, which includes taking an online test. This could be a barrier for them but ensuring they have access to a computer with screen reading software enables them to take the test in a way that they can manage. This simple solution provides them with an equal opportunity to show their skills and perform well at the interview.
Our work is based on this approach, which means that rather than focus on a person’s impairment or medical condition, we look for ways to remove any barriers that may prevent them from fully participating in work.