We provide advice tailored to the specific needs of your organisation on any issue relating to the employment of disabled people.

Have you appointed a talented disabled person to a new role and would like to find out how best to accommodate their access needs? Do you have an employee who has developed a health condition and would like advice on how to adjust to the situation without disadvantaging them?

We developed our service because we found that employers are often keen to develop inclusive recruitment practices and to retain valued disabled staff but may need specialist information on how best to achieve this.

We can provide practical advice on:

  • Positive recruitment and selection processes
  • Making reasonable adjustments
  • Staff retention: how to enable disabled employees to stay in work and to remain productive
  • Absence management: how to identify underlying causes and develop strategies to prevent prolonged or recurrent absence
  • Facilitating supportive returns to work
  • How to make your business accessible to disabled employees and in turn enhance and broaden your customer base
  • How to get accredited as a Disability Confident employer
  • Our team has many years’ experience working in the disability employment sector and a proven track record working with employers to find successful strategies for supporting disabled staff. We are known for our creative and innovative approach and enjoy finding solutions that allow disabled people to participate fully in work and contribute their skills in a wide range of companies. We understand that the benefits go beyond the individual, as increasing the number of people engaged in sustainable employment also helps our economy thrive.

    Our services can be charged on a case-by-case basis or we can provide ongoing consultancy to suit the needs of your business. Please contact us to discuss your situation and find out more.

    Coaching and mentoring for your staff
    We provide coaching and mentoring for disabled individuals and this can be especially useful when someone is starting off in a job or needs some extra support to manage their work situation when challenges arise due to their impairment or health condition.
    We have access to a range of funding which allows us to provide this particular service at no cost to the individual or employer and if you have disabled members of staff who you think would benefit from this support, please do pass on our details or refer them to the Services for disabled people page of our website.